Lexus RZ BEV to be factory fitted with Yokohama Advan V61 tire

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17 April 2023

The Advan V61 tire from Yokohama Rubber will be the original equipment tires for Lexus’s first battery electric vehicle (BEV), the RZ. The vehicle will be fitted with size 235/60R18 103H tires on the front axle and 255/55R18 105V on the rear.

Yokohama developed the Advan V61 using the company’s HAICoLab, an artificial intelligence-based development framework which aims to foster new discoveries and innovations by combining human design characteristics with the data processing capability of AI. To achieve a quiet ride for EVs, an optimal pitch sequence was achieved using evolutionary computation – or genetic algorithms – a technology incorporated in Yokohama’s HAICoLab.

The high-performance Advan V61 tire contributes to vehicle comfort and stability, benefits from being wear resistant and delivers hydroplaning resistance. The tire’s tread pattern has also been developed to suppress noise for a smoother and quieter ride and reduce rolling resistance.

Technologies applied in the development of the tire are based on new knowledge gathered by collecting real data and virtual data generated by simulations and then employing AI’s predict, analyze and search functions.


Refrence : Tire Technology 

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