Stearic Acid

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Stearic Acid


Test Description Limit Reference Test Method
Min Max
Acid Value mg KOH/g 195 AOCS Te 1a-64/ISO 660
Saponification Value mg KOH/g 196 AOCS TI 1a-64/ISO 3657
Iodine Value g I2/100g 8 AOCS Cd 1b-87/ISO 3961
Titre 52 AOCS Tr 1a-64/ISO 935
Colour, Lovibond 5 1/4″, Y Yellow 20.0 AOCS Cc 13e-92/BS 684:1.14
Colour, Lovibond 5 1/4″, R Red 2.0 AOCS Cc 13e-92/BS 684:1.14


Stearic Acid is a  saturated fatty acid . it can be used as on activator , dispersing agent , plasticizer and viscoity depressant in PVC processing .


Bage of 25 KG

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