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Chloroprene (CR)


Property Typical Value with Unit Test Method
Density 1,23 g/cm³ Internal Method
Ash Content ≤ 1,0 wt % ISO 247 / ASTM D 5667
Mooney Viscosity ML (1+4) 100 °C 48 MU ISO 289 / ASTM D 1646


Chloroprene is used primarily for gaskets, cable jackets, tubing, seals, O-rings, tire-sidewalls, gasoline hoses and weather-resistant products such as wet suits and orthopedic braces. It is also used as a base resin in adhesives, electrical insulations and coatings. It has many useful properties and a reasonable price.

Its typical working temperature range is between -35°C and +100°C.


25 kg paper bags; 35 bags on a wooden pallet (875 kg) or 20 kg PE bags; 50 Kg bags in a wooden box (1000 kg).

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