Sri Trang Agro-Industry joins the Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber

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26 August 2023

The Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber (GPSNR) has revealed that Sri Trang Agro-Industry (STA) has become the group’s latest member within the Producers, Processors and Traders category.Established in 1987, STA – a fully integrated natural rubber company – has become part of the GPSNR to work toward the sustainable and equitable production of natural rubber at scale. The firm has rubber plantations covering approximately 7,000ha in 19 provinces in Thailand.“We are thrilled to welcome Sri Trang Agro-Industry Public Company Limited to GPSNR,” said Stefano Savi, platform director of GPSNR. “Given the company’s scale and outreach, we look forward to their insights and contributions to important industry-wide processes on sustainable and equitable production currently underway at GPSNR, like our assurance model and shared investment mechanism.”

“Joining GPSNR reflects our unwavering commitment to advancing sustainable practices in the natural rubber industry,” commented Nattee Thiraputhbhokin, chief marketing officer at STA. “In the ever-evolving world of rubber production, STA emerged as a trailblazer with its groundbreaking Sri Trang Ecosystem. This digitalized, transparent and sustainable framework showcased STA’s unwavering commitment to advancing sustainability in the natural rubber industry. With traceability ingrained in every step, from rubber tree cultivation to the delivery of traceable products, the ecosystem sets a new standard for better accountability.”The GPSNR comprises 290 members, including tire manufacturers, natural rubber producers, processors, traders, civil society members and end users.


Reference: Tire Technology

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