InnoVent Renewables Launches Continuous Pyrolysis Technology

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29 August 2023

The company said its pyrolysis technology is unique in that it’s continuous, which is a much higher efficiency compared to batch processing. It utilizes the gas to preheat the tires, thereby making it a net zero energy process. During the process, valuable chemicals are recovered from the products, producing high quality fuels.

InnoVent said it has assembled a team of world class executives each with more than 25 years of energy and chemical industry experience to drive early-stage growth. With current operations in Houston (USA), Pune (India), and Monterrey (Mexico), the company has more growth plans across North America and Latin America, with future expansion opportunities in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific.

InnoVent Renewables has also commenced planning for additional growth across North and Latin America through public-private partnerships with plans to open a commercial production plant in Monterrey, Mexico in 2024.


Reference:Tire Review

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