Struktol 40MS

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Struktol 40MS


Appearance Bluish to brown pastilles
Ash Content (%, max.) 2
Softening Point (°C) 96 – 106*
Specific Gravity (g/cm3) 1.06
Physiological Behavior Refer to safety data sheet
Storage Stability At least 2 years under the following storage conditions: It is recommended that material not be stored at temperatures above 95º F. Care must be taken not to double stack since the additional pressure will cause storage stability problems.


  • STRUKTOL® 40 MS improves the homogeneity of elastomers of different polarity and viscosity. It is rapidly absorbed by the polymers during the mixing cycle. A relatively low viscosity mass is quickly achieved into which other compounding ingredients can easily be incorporated. The homogenizing agents are particularly effective with those elastomer blends which tend to crumble at the beginning of the mixing cycle. In most cases 40 MS is added along with the polymers in the mixing cycle.
  • The reduction of compound viscosity and “nerve” achieved with STRUKTOL® 40 MS assists downstream processing. For instance, bagging tendency can be reduced, extrusion rates are increased without increasing die swell, and calendering properties are improved. These benefits are retained even after long storage periods of the green compound.
  • STRUKTOL® 40 MS increases the green tack of many compounds although strictly it is not a tackifier. It does, however, boost the efficiency of other tackifying agents.
  • STRUKTOL® 40 MS does not harden during vulcanization. The hardness of the vulcanizate is not reduced as much as when using, for example, mineral oil plasticizers.
  • Because of its color, STRUKTOL® 40 MS is not suitable for light colored compounds. Staining may occur under certain conditions. Where non-staining is specified, STRUKTOL® RP 28 should be used.
  • STRUKTOL® 40 MS has good solubility in aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbon oils.


25 kg. PE bags

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