Product's Information and Specificaton

SP 1045

Chemical Name:

Heat reactive octylphenol-formaldehyde resin S-1045;


Item Standard
Appearance Light yellow flakes
Melting point, initial ℃ 85~95
Methylol Content % 9.0~13.0


SP-1045 used in combination with halogen and zinc donors, yields butyl vulcanizates with outstanding resistance to high heat and compression set. In addition, these vulcanizates are non-blooming, nonstaining and have high modulus values. Resin cured butyl rubber, because of its versatility and inherent ozone resistance, has been employed in many areas including tire curing bladders, conveyor belts, gaskets, and heat resistant packing compounds. The octyl group also makes SP-1045 compatible with other elastomers, and can be used to make cements offering a wide range of properties.



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