Yokohama introduces E+ mark to denote that a tire is suitable for use

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15 July 2023

Starting in the second half of 2023, Yokohama will begin applying an E+ mark to the sidewalls of its passenger car, truck and bus tires to show that they have certain properties required by electric vehicles.

The first Yokohama tire to feature the new E+ mark will be the latest Advan Sport EV, an ultra-high-performance summer tire designed for EVs and scheduled to be launched in Europe and other markets beginning in autumn 2023.

Tires designed for fitment to EVs must be capable of withstanding heavier vehicle weight and the instantaneous torque, in addition to being as quiet as possible as there is no internal combustion engine to mask road noise. They must also contribute to electrical efficiency to extend vehicle range.

At present, Yokohama Rubber supplies its tires as the original equipment for a multitude of EVs including the BMW iX3, the Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 4MATIC+ and the Lexus RZ.

Reference:Tire Tecnology 

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