Yokohama & Nitro Rallycross

Yokohama & Nitro Rallycross When the 1,000bhp EVs of the Nitro Rallycross series went ice racing in Canada, TTI was there to witness Yokohama’s resourceful approach to creating a bespoke studded tire for winter events. Rallycross was…

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18 July 2023

Yokohama UK appoints new CEO

Yokohama UK appoints new CEO Peter Fairlie has been announced as the new CEO of Yokohama HPT, effective from July 13, 2022, as the company looks to strengthen its senior management team.Fairlie brings a wealth…

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15 June 2022

Yokohama Rubber supply sustainable tires

Yokohama Rubber to supply sustainable tires for Pikes Peak International Hill Climb The US subsidiary of Yokohama Rubber, the Yokohama Tire Corporation (YTC), is to supply 18 cars with tires made from sustainable materials for…

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14 May 2022


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