New regional haul trailer added to Cooper Work Series line

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4 July 2023

Goodyear introduced a new addition to the Cooper Work Series tire line – the Regional Haul Trailer (RHT) 2. The new trailer tire is SmartWay verified and designed to help fleet owners meet regional haul demands in tandem and spread axle trailer applications.

“Dependability and durability are top-of-mind for fleet operators when choosing a tire that meets the unique demands of regional trailer tire applications,” said Tom Lippello, senior director, commercial marketing, Goodyear North America. “Fleets can feel confident they can navigate tough roads while delivering efficiency for their business with this new Work Series trailer tire offering.”

The RHT 2 features advanced technology which Goodyear states delivers even treadwear and high scrub resistance for the right mix of efficiency and durability for regional haul trailer tire applications.

Available in eight different sizes, the RHT 2 features a number of design elements suited to likely applications.

The tire delivers low rolling resistance figures and features a high scrub tread compound that aims to balance performance, improve wear, help resist tearing and promote fuel efficiency.

The tire’s heavy-duty, full-width steel belt construction promotes durability in spread axle applications while also preserving the casing for retreadability.

In addition, the tire features an advanced tread design, and a shoulder profile that helps minimize tearing and chunking in high scrub applications. The RHT 2 is also fitted with a wear square visual indicator that helps determine the remaining tread on the tire, and which can assist in detecting wheel alignment issues with the vehicle.


Reference:Tire Technology

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