Goodyear UltraGrip Ice 3 praised in multiple Nordic winter tire tests

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31 October 2023

The UltraGrip Ice 3, Goodyear’s new Nordic friction tire, has been specifically designed for Nordic winter conditions and has obtained several top positions in recent Nordic magazine tire tests.

In the winter tire evaluation conducted by Finnish Moottori, where four premium non-studded Nordic winter tires were pitted against four budget studded tires, the UltraGrip Ice 3 emerged as the clear leader. It secured the highest score of all eight tires tested and was named Test Winner. Moottori said that UltraGrip Ice 3 has significantly improved in ice performance compared to its predecessor, and praised it for its “excellent grip on ice and snow.” On asphalt, the tire excelled in wet handling, with the editors describing it as “safe and easy to drive in wet conditions.”A similar success story unfolded in the winter tire test conducted by Finnish Tekniikan Maailma, where the UltraGrip Ice 3 shared first place among the nine Nordic friction tires tested. The magazine highlighted its exceptional performance in ice handling, ice braking and snow braking. Tekniikan Maailma’s experts awarded the tire top scores for braking and acceleration on snow and noted that Goodyear’s grip on ice is on par with the best friction tires, emphasizing the tire’s balanced properties in all conditions and its low noise level.

Goodyear’s success continued in Vi Bilägare’s test of non-studded Nordic winter tires, where the UltraGrip Ice 3 secured the second position overall. The Swedish automotive publication highlighted the tire’s excellent balanced performance in diverse winter conditions, stating that it is the best choice for those who drive primarily on asphalt but still demand good grip on ice and snow.

The UltraGrip Ice 3 also claimed the second spot among Nordic non-studded tires in the test conducted by the Swedish publication Teknikens Värld. The magazine praised the tire’s balanced performance, particularly noting its ability to combine winter grip with decent aquaplaning characteristics. The UltraGrip Ice 3 also excelled in the famous moose-test.

Goodyear’s winter tire success extended beyond the Nordic non-studded tires category, with the studded tire UltraGrip Arctic 2 and the new Middle European non-studded tire UltraGrip Performance 3 both crowned “Best in Test” in their respective categories.

Goodyear incorporates a range of technologies that give its winter tires exceptional performance, including: ice grip technology, which enables better ice contact thanks to a softer compound compared to its predecessor; ice handling+ technology, which delivers better ice handling performance even on heavier vehicles due to improved design and increased contact area; and braking technology that helps optimize the tread design with a larger number of block edges and higher sipe density for better acceleration and braking.

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