Kia Niro Factory-Fitted with Continental Tires

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7 June 2022

Continental will supply its EcoContact 6 Q, PremiumContact 6 and ProContact RX tires directly to the factory for the fully electric Kia Niro and the hybrid and plug-in hybrid models.In the European, Middle Eastern and African markets, the tire maker’s 17in EcoContact 6 Q will be factory-fitted on the fully electric Niro model variant, while the hybrid-electric vehicle (HEV) and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) will utilize 18in tires from the PremiumContact 6 line ex works. Furthermore, owners of vehicles in the USA and Korea will have the option to choose the 18in ProContact RX as all-season tires for the HEV and PHEV.

Continental’s EcoContact 6 Q benefits from excellent energy efficiency, a longer service life, superior handling and improved braking performance. Additionally, the tire’s tread profile adapts to the road surface to ensure a longer tire life, while a specially developed rubber compound minimizes friction. This means the tire absorbs less energy, and rolling resistance is reduced. Noise levels have also been optimized due to a modified block, sipe and lateral groove design.

The PremiumContact 6 features a special rubber compound in the tread to ensure a high level of safety, grip and wet braking performance. Furthermore, the tire’s design results in high cornering stability and ensures high lateral force transmission. The PremiumContact 6 also features circumferential grooves that provide rapid handling and steering response in a range of conditions.

Continental’s ProContact RX has been designed as an all-season touring tire that delivers excellent traction and braking performance all year round.

Vehicles in the EMEA region will be fitted with the EcoContact 6 Q in size 215/55 R17 94V, and the PremiumContact 6 in size 225/45 R18 95V XL FR. The USA and Korean markets will be provided with a ProContact RX in size 225/45 R18 95V XL FR.

Reference: Tire Technology

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