Continental’s entire range of Conti Urban bus tires to feature sensor technology

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17 July 2023

The entire Conti Urban bus tire portfolio is to be fitted with Continental’s latest-generation sensors, consisting of the Conti Urban HA3, Conti UrbanScandinavia HA3+ and Conti UrbanScandinavia HD3. All the tires will be available with sensors in August 2023.Continental’s tire sensors work by transmitting live data parameters – including pressure and temperature – via Bluetooth directly to the vehicle. This data can then be accessed using a stationary yard reader station or telematics units. If fleet management detects any data anomalies, action can be taken to solve the issue.“Thanks to our app ContiConnect On-Site and our Conti Urban tire family, customers are able to retrieve tire data very easily and conveniently from a smartphone via Bluetooth,” explained Kalyan Yalamanchili, head of digital solutions at Continental Tires EMEA. “We make sure that our tires offer energy-efficient operation and a long life, as well as allowing predictive maintenance.“Smart tires like the Conti Urban make tire maintenance simple, convenient and effective. By incorporating the new Conti Urban tire into our ContiConnect 2.0 digital tire management solution, we are helping municipalities and local public transportation operators alike to offer a reliable, efficient and eco-friendly system of public transportation.”By optimizing tire life and reliability, vehicle downtime is reduced due to fewer breakdowns, and fleet sustainability can be increased due to lower carbon emissions. Furthermore, the use of the digital tire management solution enables real-life fleet costs to be reduced in line with Continental’s approach of ‘lowest overall driving costs’.“Tire sensors additionally provide the basis for capitalizing on benefits such as remote fleet monitoring and predictive service planning in the future,” added Yalamanchili. “Experience has shown that ContiConnect can reduce punctures by around 30% for customers, achieve a fuel saving of 2% and increase usable mileage by some 10%.”


Reference: Tire Technology

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