Toyo to introduce light EV truck tire

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29 April 2024

Toyo Tires is set to introduce the NANOENERGY M151 EV Rib Tire for light EV trucks in the domestic market from June 1 this year. This tire is designed to address the increasing demand for EV trucks, driven by efforts toward decarbonization in the transportation sector.

The NANOENERGY M151 EV features an asymmetrical pattern specifically tailored for EV trucks, aiming to balance traction performance and abrasion resistance at a high level while ensuring low electricity cost performance.

With the adoption of an EV-specific asymmetrical pattern and a wear-resistant NCP compound, Toyo says the M151 is designed to meet the unique demands of EV trucks.

The ribbed pattern reportedly enhances wear resistance, making it particularly suitable for vehicles with frequent stop-and-go operations and high torque requirements. The tire’s block pattern is designed to enable reliable acceleration on wet roads, while increased lateral grooves aid traction performance.

Using proprietary material design platform technology and nanocomposite polymer, the company says the tire reduces rolling resistance and wear by 21% compared with previous models, contributing to improved fuel efficiency and longevity.

The environmentally friendly bead wire is also made from recycled materials.

Aerodynamic simulation techniques have been employed to improve the tire’s design and reduce air resistance and overall performance.


Source: Tire Technology International

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