Continental tires selected for BYD’s Atto 3 electric SUV

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3 April 2023

Chinese car manufacturer BYD has approved the Continental EcoContact 6 Q tire as the original equipment for its all-electric Atto 3 vehicle in an 18in diameter.

The Continental EcoContact 6 Q has been designed to deliver a low level of noise and energy saving characteristics, which are advantageous for electric vehicles such as BYD’s Atto 3. Additionally, a specially designed rubber compound within the tire helps to minimize energy absorption when a vehicle is moving, also reducing friction and rolling resistance.

Continental’s team also worked on the development of the tire tread to ensure it reduced rolling noise. Other notable attributes include short braking distances, excellent grip on dry and wet roads and a high level of cornering stability.

The Continental EcoContact 6 Q was approved for the BYD Atto 3 in a size 235/50 R18 101V XL in several countries.


Refrence : Tire Technology 

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