Starting in November 2022, Asahi Kasei will begin selling its own Tufdene solution-polymerized styrene-butadiene rubber (S-SBR) and Asadene butadiene rubber (BR), which are made using the mass balance method – with raw material derived from biomass and plastic waste along with additional raw materials – at Asahi Kasei Synthetic Rubber Singapore and the Synthetic Rubber Plant of Asahi Kasei’s Kawasaki Works.

The mass balance process is a method which calculates the proportion of sustainable raw materials for individual products in a mix of sustainable and crude oil-derived raw materials. The sale of Tufdene and Asadene will be based on the ISCC PLUS certification for S-SBR and BR, acquired in October 2022 by Asahi Kasei’s Synthetic Rubber Division.


The S-SBR from Asahi Kasei can be used within eco-friendly tires for excellent fuel efficiency and wear resistance attributes.


Asahi Kasei will also produce and sell BR manufactured using the mass-balance method for use in other applications and rubber products to reduce environmental impacts.

Through the production and sale of these products, the company aims to become a sustainable partner for its customers, alongside reducing greenhouse gas emissions produced by manufacturing processes at each facility, which will lessen its environmental impact globally.