Yokohama Rubber joins GDSO

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26 February 2024

In January 2024, Yokohama Rubber became a full member of the Global Data Service Organisation (GDSO) for Tyres and Automotive Components, an international non-profit association promoting standardization and access to data related to tires. As a GDSO member, Yokohama Rubber will comply with industry standards promoting individual tire identification management.

GDSO aims to simplify access to tire data for manufacturers and others in the tire industry value chain by establishing global agreements on data standardization. Its existing platform already shares tire data, starting with a tire’s serialized identity captured using various technologies, including RFID.


RFID technology uses radio waves to read and write data on tags embedded in products including tires to simplify tire identification management. This reportedly enhances traceability, aiding quality assurance and tracking throughout production, installation and maintenance.


Yokohama will join GDSO’s efforts to build a platform for using tire-related data and has developed tires equipped with RFID.

GDSO is also developing a new service to collect information throughout a tire’s lifecycle.


Source: Tire Technology International 

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