Point S study points to safety and performance disparities between premium, mid-range and budget tires

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2 May 2024

Results from independent tests conducted by TÜV SÜD Product Service and commissioned by Point S have suggested there are substantial differences in safety and performance between premium, mid-range and budget tires.

The evaluation compared five premium tire brands with three mid-range and three budget brands across various safety-critical criteria using an 18in tire (225/40R18 92Y). The results, Point S states, indicate superior performance by premium tires, particularly in wet conditions. Mid-range tires required, on average, an additional 7.65ft for braking from 49.7mph compared to premium tires; and the budget tires needed even more distance, requiring 14.67ft more for braking compared to the premium product.


According to Point S, premium tires demonstrated better road grip and handling; the mid-range tires required a reduction in speed of 1.86mph to match the premium tire handling on wet roads, while budget tires needed a 3.11mph reduction.


Point S International CEO Fabien Bouquet said, “In today’s challenging economic climate, where inflation is causing price rises, it is natural that drivers are more cost-conscious when it comes to maintaining their vehicles.

“We are increasingly asked by our end customers to justify the price differences between tire ranges, so we commissioned these tests with TÜV SÜD Product Service to get a truly independent and objective view on this issue. What the testing has confirmed is that premium tires categorically perform better across all safety-critical test criteria. The question we should be asking ourselves as an industry, therefore, is ‘Can you really put a price on safety?’”

Commissioned by Point S, the tests took place in October 2023 using a VW Golf VIII GTD. The tires were tested under the report number 713311093-PR.


Source: Tire Technology International

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