VX-R Tractor range launched by Bridgestone

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10 June 2023

Bridgestone has introduced the VX-R Tractor, a tire designed with a tread as wide as the nominal tire width to ensure the entire tread is in contact with the soil for maximum traction.

The VX-R Tractor has been engineered with a high tread-rubber ratio for a longer service life, and a high-performance compound developed by Bridgestone which has previously been used for the VT-Tractor and VX-Tractor ranges. The wide tread also provides additional comfort for drivers of vehicles fitted with the tire.

Bridgestone has also designed the latest agricultural range with a matched rolling circumference for each front/rear tire combination. As a result, the VX-R Tractor delivers an exact front axle lead, with the front tires travelling slightly faster than the rear tires to enhance fuel efficiency, lifespan and traction.

The VX-R Tractor is also the first agricultural tire range from Bridgestone to feature the company’s Enliten technology, a lightweight core technology designed to provide a longer lifespan, all-season performance and low noise levels.

Developed and manufactured by Bridgestone in Europe, the VX-R Tractor portfolio will initially be available in 23 sizes, with 23 additional sizes to be added in 2024 in 65, 70 and 85 series for rims ranging from 24in to 38in in diameter.

“With the launch of the Bridgestone VX-R Tractor, we’re responding to farmers’ needs for more sustainable tires which reduce soil compaction,” said Waqqas Ahmad, director commercial replacement and OE at Bridgestone EMIA. “This range allows us to reach a new dimension for long-lasting agricultural tire performance, while also contributing to a move toward more sustainable farming.”


Reference: Tire Technology 

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