Bridgestone Surpasses 200 Million Tire Pressure Readings in ’23

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22 December 2023

Bridgestone Americas says it marked its most successful year of integration of Bridgestone Fleet Care tire monitoring services in the U.S., surpassing 200 million annual tire pressure readings in 2023. This marks the company’s highest annual total of tire pressure readings to date across its truck & bus radial (TBR) and off-the-road (OTR) businesses, it said.

Bridgestone said its Fleet Care technology combines durable hardware with a software application designed to help fleet operators to proactively address specific tire issues and mitigate unplanned maintenance, with the aim of helping to reduce downtime and improve driver safety. Fleets using this solution have access to critical data such as tire inflation pressure and temperature, enabling them to continually monitor the health of each tire throughout its lifecycle.

Commercial fleets leveraging the technology have reported significant business efficiencies and savings as a result of its real-time, data-driven insights. For example:

The City of Yakima, Washington, enabled tire monitoring services integration with more than 225 sensors installed on 22 vehicles. Thanks to nearly six million sensor readings, Yakima reported a 98% reduction in road service for its waste fleet, as well as a time savings of 1-2 hours per day by monitoring air pressure through the mobile app.

After installing Bridgestone Fleet Care’s tire monitoring service on 13 of its trucks, RNK Construction reported a time savings of two hours per day on labor, as well as 40% savings on overall tire costs.


Reference: Tirereview

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