Scorpion Trail III motorcycle touring tire launched by Pirelli

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10 February 2024

Pirelli has launched the Scorpion Trail III, a high-performance tire specifically tailored for crossover motorcycles that represents “the latest generation of adventure-touring tires” among the Scorpion family.

It is a street enduro tire intended primarily for asphalt use but which also accommodates dirt roads. The tire is designed to deliver a sporty riding experience with grip, precise handling and stability under full load and wet performance on asphalt, akin to sport-touring tire.

The tread pattern for the Scorpion Trail II incorporates the Diablo sport range’s characteristic design for enhanced stability and precision. Pirelli says that the central band grooves, inspired by the Diablo range, aid wet drainage and lateral stability on softer terrain.

Central and shoulder grooves are also designed to contribute to guidance and traction on dirt roads, increasing the land/sea ratio for improved road performance.

The Scorpion Trail III introduces new compounds, with 100% silica-based radial sizes for both front and rear that, Pirelli says, aids performance on wet and dry surfaces. The rear dual-compound radials feature a soft compound on the shoulders for cornering grip and a harder central tread band for stability, wear resistance and mileage.

Additional features include radial sizes that incorporate a 0° steel belt for stability at high speeds. And the rear tires’ rigid structures, Pirelli states, facilitate sporty handling and stability under various load conditions.

The Scorpion Trail III is to go on sale in the first half of 2024, with some sizes arriving in the first half of 2024 and the front sizes 120/70 with 19in fitting and rear 170/60 with 17in fitting arriving in the second.


source: tire technology international

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