New session at Tire Technology Expo Conference 2024: Smart tires – innovation and ecosystem

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12 March 2024

With less than two weeks to go, Tire Technology Expo has revealed a taster of a new stream that will feature in the conference. Taking place on March 20 & 21, the stream will explore how digitalization will affect the future of the tire industry.

In this video, two of the conference moderators – David Shaw, chief executive at Tire Industry Research, and Riccardo Giovannotti, secretary general at GDSO – delve into some of the topics that will be covered.


This conference stream offers an unmissable opportunity to hear companies such as Sumitomo, Michelin, MegaRide, Prometeon, Cerebrum Sensor Technologies and more reveal new concepts, technologies, sensors, services, standards and use cases for the future of tires and mobility.


Plus, a panel of tire makers, sensor providers, analytics and data providers will discuss how data can be used.

Other new streams for 2024 include:

  • Understanding and mitigating tire road wear particulates
  • Physical testing and quality assurance


Source: Tire Technology International

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