Michelin reveals Air X Sky Light aircraft tire ahead of test flights

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27 June 2023

Michelin has launched a new radial tire technology developed for applications within the commercial aviation sector. The manufacturer claims that the Air X Sky Light is 10-20% lighter than the previous-generation tire and delivers enhanced performance in terms of landing per tread (LPT), resulting in a reduced amount of maintenance and lower transportation costs for airlines.

With weight reduction crucial to saving jet fuel, Michelin conducted a lifecycle assessment (LCA) on aviation tires, focusing on the product’s environmental impact. The LCA showed that a tire’s weight has a significant impact during its use phase because carrying a tire at high altitudes uses a large amount of energy.

During development of the Air X Sky Light, Michelin implemented a crown architecture and optimized the tire’s footprint to extend its service life by 15-20% compared with the previous iteration. These improvements are aided by the use of ultra-resistant casing materials and the latest generation of hybrid cables and fabrics to deliver an aircraft tire that is much lighter than its predecessor.

The initial dimension of the Air X Sky Light has been developed for fitment to Dassault Aviation’s future Falcon 10X – the aircraft that will be used for testing soon.

Additional dimensions will be developed depending on airline and aircraft manufacturer priority as the manufacturing of a new dimension can take two to three years. These new dimensions are then subject to homologation and certification rules.


Reference: Tire Technology

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