Michelin expands aviation Pilot line

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1 August 2023

Two new sizes have been added to Michelin’s Pilot tire line, designed for application to general aviation aircraft. The ultra-high-performance bias tire line uses Michelin’s latest carcass technology for strength and durability.

The aviation is tubeless, reducing overall wheel weight and stopping creep on the wheel. The tire can also be used with tube-on-tube type rims. Michelin uses a built-in balance process during production to deliver even tire wire and smoother taxiing for aircraft.

The expansion of the Michelin Pilot tire line will see 6.00-6 6PR and 6.00-6 8PR options added alongside a 18×5.5 8PR, all with a speed rating of 257km/h, as well as a 18×5.5 10PR, with a 306km/h rating.

“The Michelin Pilot tire is already one of Michelin’s best-selling tires for the general aviation community,” said Scott Murray, vice president of tire sales, Aircraft Business Line for the Michelin North America.

“With their extra-long tire life, the addition of these new sizes will give general aviation owners even more options when deciding how to best equip their aircraft.”

Michelin is recognized as the number one aviation tire manufacturer in the world. We will continue to confront challenges faced in the aerospace industry and continue our history of innovation.”

Reference: Tire Technology

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