Michelin expands Crossgrip range

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26 July 2023

Two new dimensions of the Crossgrip range are being released by Michelin, a 480/70R20 and 480/80R26. Developed for the industrial, agricultural and equipment handling industries, the tire is suitable for application to mini loaders, reach forklifts and tractors.

Forming part of Michelin’s compact tire category, the Crossgrip has been engineered to deliver performance on various types of terrain during all weather conditions. The tire’s deep grooves and new rubber compound provide grip and safety for vehicle operators.


The Crossgrip’s radial structure has been designed to ensure the tire benefits from maximum maneuverability at high speeds and when used on hard terrain. The low rolling resistance is stated to optimize a vehicle’s energy efficiency by lowering fuel consumption or enhancing electric range.


Michelin subjected the Crossgrip to an extensive R&D program on compacted snow surfaces to evaluate the tire’s grip and braking characteristics. This resulted in the Crossgrip obtaining the M&S certification, denoting its suitability for use in wintery conditions.


Reference: Tire Technology

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