Goodyear’s new tire tech launches at WEC

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28 February 2024

Goodyear Racing is debuting LMGT3 tires in this year’s FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) and has dedicated months to developing an advanced tire specification for the new category.

Development for the LMGT3 category began in 2022, focusing on creating tires to meet the diverse demands of modern GT3 racing. Two specifications of dry tires and an advanced wet-weather tire will be used during the 2024 season, spanning extreme temperatures in Bahrain, the intensity of Qatar and the unpredictability of Spa-Francorchamps.

During the last official Goodyear tire test before the season, at Circuito Monteblanco in Spain, a group of WEC drivers gave their thoughts on the tire technology.

Richard Lietz has been a factory Porsche driver since 2007 and has competed in every Le Mans with the brand. He said, “The tire can handle a wide range of temperatures and starts without tire warmers. It’s the most difficult you can ask for and I think the tire we have now is a good starting point and we are very happy.”

British driver Ben Barker is set to race Ford’s latest GT3 with Proton Racing in 2024. Speaking at Monteblanco in November, Barker said, “The feeling [of the tire] is very much the same. The tire Goodyear has developed feels mega, to be honest, so I’m excited to try it more and at different circuits.”

Mike McGregor, Goodyear Racing’s endurance program manager, explained, “Working alongside experienced drivers is an integral part of the tire development process. On-track testing allows us to calibrate thousands of hours of simulated data and take feedback from drivers on how we can improve the overall feel and confidence of the tire.

“We’d like to thank the drivers and manufacturers for their cooperation and preparation this season, and we cannot wait to see them do battle this year.”


Source: Tire International Technology

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