Bridgestone to supply BWSC entrants with tires made from 63% recycled and renewable materials

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2 September 2023

Bespoke tires developed using 63% recycled and renewable materials will be supplied by Bridgestone for the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge (BWSC) – a 3,000km race across Australia. The tires are the first to be used in motorsport competition with Bridgestone’s Enliten technology.

Enliten – a new base technology for product design – enhances a tire’s environmental performance. The advanced performance characteristics engineered by Bridgestone include low rolling resistance, wear and weight. The tires will be further customized to ensure they meet the requirements of each team entering the competition.


One of the tires Bridgestone is supplying consists of 63% recycled and renewable materials; tires used in the 2019 competition contained 30%. The materials used within the latest tires include organic fiber, recovered carbon black, recycled rubber chemicals, recycled oil and reinforcement material using recycled steel. Tires designed for fitment to vehicles within the cruiser class were developed using rice husk silica and recovered carbon black.


Bridgestone is passionate about contributing to a more sustainable motorsports future at the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge through our Enliten tires made with 63% recycled and renewable materials, as well as our collaborative supply chain initiatives. We will demonstrate the new technology through the extreme conditions,” said Naotaka Horio, director of Bridgestone Motorsports.


Reference: Tire Technology 

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