All Season SF3 launched by Pirelli

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27 February 2024

Pirelli has introduced the Cinturato All Season SF3 tire, tailored for urban drivers of medium and compact cars seeking year-round safety. Engineered virtually, Pirelli says the tire displays effective braking control across diverse weather conditions, earning the highest A rating for wet grip on the European tire label.

The tire inherits adaptive tread technology, featuring 3D sipes that evolve throughout its lifespan to enhance snow grip and adjust to varying driving demands. With wider grooves and a redesigned directional tread pattern, it is designed for effective snow performance while reducing the risk of aquaplaning, scoring high on noise comfort.


Independent DEKRA tests in Germany looked at the tire’s versatility which identified the SF3 as the best in its class for combined braking (taking in dry, wet and snow conditions.) The Cinturato has also been recognized by the TÜV Süd certification body, which has awarded it the ‘Performance Mark’ for its strengths in different driving situations.


The use of virtual modeling was important throughout the design process to allow the compounds and tread pattern design to be developed in parallel. Virtualization also made it possible to engineer the distribution of physical stresses on the tire. As a result, Pirelli says that energy can be spread evenly throughout the SF3.

Available from April 2024 in sizes ranging from 16 to 20 inches, the Pirelli Cinturato All Season SF3 also offers Elect-marked options for electric vehicles and a specialized Scorpion range for SUVs.


Source:Tire Technology International

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