ZC Rubber expands Westlake Gen II truck tire line

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14 November 2022

During the 2022 IAA Transportation show in Hannover, Germany, ZC Rubber unveiled two new products – the WTR2 and the WTX2 – which will be added to the company’s Westlake Gen II truck tire line.

The WTR2 has been designed as a trailer tire for regional applications and delivers fuel economy and comfort without reducing mileage. By utilizing an upgraded compounding technology, casing material, tire structure and manufacturing process, the tire maker has greatly reduced the product’s rolling resistance. Furthermore, ZC has used the latest rubber mixing technology to ensure the distribution of silica and silane within the new treads surface results in a further reduction in rolling resistance.

ZC Rubber’s WTR2 has achieved a Level A for fuel efficiency on the EU tire label and also benefits from belt wrap technology for added durability and stability in tough conditions.

The WTX2 is designed for fitment to lowboy trailers. The all-weather extra-load trailer tire features a wider tread width and a solid shoulder for additional tread stiffness and the capability to carry heavier loads. Additionally, three zigzag grooves and multi-angled sipes improve traction and braking attributes.

The tire manufacturer’s latest products have both been designed using the PSCT theory which helps to minimize tire profile deformation, resulting in an extended service life and increased performance. Both the WTR2 and WTX2 have M+S and 3PMSF markings denoting use in all-weather scenarios.

“ZC Rubber is reacting to long-distance transportation trends related to safety, environmental protection and economic efficiency,” said a ZC spokesperson. “We place high value on the tire sustainability and green logistics. Therefore, the focus of our tire development is always on premium quality, long service life and low rolling resistance.”


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