Pirelli launches P Zero Trofeo RS with bespoke fitments for high-performance vehicles

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16 July 2023

Developed as a technical evolution of the P Zero Trofeo R, the P Zero Trofeo RS is the most recent semi-slick tire from Pirelli, designed for high-performance vehicle applications. One such OEM that requested a bespoke version of the P Zero Trofeo RS was Pagani Automobili for its new Utopia hypercar.Intended for use as an original equipment tire but soon to be available as an aftermarket product, the P Zero Trofeo RS has been developed by Pirelli to deliver consistency for added speed and safety when used on track. Drawing on its motorsport experience, Pirelli used a multitude of different materials within the semi-slick’s tread pattern compound to ensure it was suitable for use on the road and the race circuit – even when driving in wet-weather scenarios.To ensure that bespoke original equipment versions of the tire meet the pre-defined targets of vehicle manufacturers, Pirelli’s R&D department chooses from an array of specialist company technologies. This includes Multi-compound Tread technology, which enables prospective tires to be customized to suit the characteristics of each vehicle by matching them to different tread pattern compounds from Pirelli’s Prestige catalog.

For the Utopia, Pagani decided that it wanted a level of performance that was higher than the P Zero Corsa without compromising vehicle balance or driver feel, a feat that Pirelli managed to achieve by choosing specific compounds. Furthermore, for the rear tires, performance-focused compounds were decided upon to provide speed and safety on the track and predictability on the road.

During R&D, Pirelli’s engineers used Virtual Geometry Development to assess a multitude of different profiles and footprints via a virtual modeling process. This enabled them to define the reaction of the tires to driver inputs with a high level of accuracy. In the case of the Pagani Utopia, an extensive amount of work was conducted on the tire’s contact patch to ensure it delivered the required grip and control levels.

At present, the P Zero Trofeo RS is available for vehicles using it as original equipment. The tire maker states that a full range of aftermarket P Zero Trofeo RS tires will be available in the future.


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