Omni United unveils EV tire strategy

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6 November 2022

Singapore-based tire manufacturer Omni United has unveiled plans for its electric vehicle (EV) tire strategy.

Omni United aims to shift toward a more environmentally friendly future through sustainable driving and by continuing with carbon neutral manufacturing of the Radar tire brand. The newly announced strategy is split into two phases: the launch of EV compatible ranges in the first phase, and a dedicated specialty EV range being released in the second phase.

The EV compatible tires released as part of the first phase will be specifically engineered to deliver a lower rolling resistance to increase vehicle range and will also benefit from a wear-resistant compound to reduce wear created by the instantaneous high torque of EVs. The tire’s wet braking and handling characteristics also help to increase safety for drivers and passengers.

Tires within this EV compatible range will be based on existing Radar Tyre platforms and include an all-season range for the North American market and high-performance summer ranges for Europe and Asia. The ranges are currently being tested and are scheduled to launch in the first quarter of 2023.

For the second phase, Omni will launch an EV-specific range of Radar branded tires which are to be designed in collaboration with Italian automotive design house GFG Style. Catering to EV specific requirements, the range will provide a reduced rolling resistance and a higher load carrying capacity to combat the weight of EV battery packs.

A newly improved rubber compound has also been used to ensure the tire range benefits from excellent wear characteristics. Furthermore, the range delivers a reduced noise level for additional comfort. A summer tread pattern will first be launched in 2023 for the European market in 16 sizes to suit 18in to 21in diameters.

“Omni United has always taken a unique and forward-thinking approach to sustainability with our Radar brand being the first tire brand to be manufactured carbon neutral since 2013,” said Gajendra Singh Sareen, president and CEO, Omni United.

“As the automotive industry is making strides to shift towards a more sustainable future, we want to continue investing in a cause that we have believed in since more than a decade back. We want our dealers and consumers to have access not only to sustainable mobility solutions but also stress on the importance of a product that meets the growing electric vehicle market needs while leveraging cutting-edge style and design.”

Reference: Tire Technology

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