New off-road tire from Petlas

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31 January 2024

Petlas has launched a new off-road tire – the Peaklander M/T. The tire has been designed to offer high levels of off-road grip thanks to aggressive sidewall protection blocks which not only shield the tire from lateral impacts but also provide extra traction in muddy conditions. To ensure enhanced base strength in rugged terrains, the tire incorporates specialized steel belt wires.

The Peaklander M/T features a unique tread pattern and varied block sizes, designed to contribute to a quieter and more comfortable ride on asphalt. The tire also includes mud and stone ejectors, protecting against punctures while preventing mud buildup in the tread, improving traction.

An optimized void ratio is specified to increase hold on rough terrain, while maintaining comfort levels when driving on asphalt. The Peaklander M/T boasts a robust carcass structure, featuring 2+1 ply construction with a wrapping layer which seals raised ends of plies, and provides resistance to lateral impacts. The tire’s specialized bead wires have been designed to enhance durability and extend tire life. The tread design has been calibrated to deliver high levels of traction on dirt, mud, and snow, while the diverse block types reduce noise levels on asphalt.

The Peaklander M/T uses a unique compound, tailored to offer high resistance to cuts and tears in challenging terrains, while still delivering high mileage on asphalt roads.

Petlas produces a wide range of tires for cars, SUVs, trucks, buses, agricultural and military vehicles, industrial equipment, off-road vehicles and aircraft; and operates with a workforce of approximately 5,000 employees.


Reference:Tire Technology

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