Michelin reveals 70/70R57 X Mine L4** tire for Komatsu large wheel loader

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1 May 2023

The 70/70R57 Michelin X Mine L4** earthmover tire has been unveiled by the tire maker, designed for the Komatsu WE2350/P&H L2350 large wheel loader that is used in surface mining.

With a robust radial design, the 70/70R57 X Mine L4** does not need chains fitted to the rear axle, which reduces tread wear while providing a more even footprint. There is less deformation of the contact patch and a 50% longer service life (compared to a competitor tire, based on field engineering reports on wear rate in similar working environments).

“As part of our Michelin Better Mining approach, we strive to provide the mining industry with innovative solutions that add significant value for our customer operations,” said Adam Murphy, senior vice president, Michelin Mining.

“The new 70/70R57 Michelin X Mine L4** tire builds on our history of innovation with the first radial tire for the world’s largest wheel loader, providing a step-change in mine productivity, while also contributing to their safety and sustainability.”

The construction of and the compounds used within the tread of the earthmover tire mean it runs at lower temperatures than competition tires, and steel cables within the tire improve durability by delivering protection and wear resistance. Michelin’s latest can also be used with the manufacturer’s MEMS tire pressure monitoring system.

“The Carajas mine is a very large geographic area. Strategically, we need to be able to move these machines around according to the daily production schedule,” said Frederico Sa, Carajas Mine tire manager, Brazil, who tested the new Michelin tires on-site.

“Radial tires improve mobility so we can work more and have more options and better mobility with our machines on-site. This benefit will be captured according to our production strategy.”


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