Michelin launches electric street bicycle tire: the Michelin City Street

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5 May 2024

Michelin has introduced the Michelin City Street, a new tire designed specifically for electric street bicycles, aiming to address the growing concerns of urban cyclists regarding punctures and overall performance.

The Michelin City Street features City Shield technology, incorporating two high-density layers that aim to provide increased protection against punctures.


Compared with its predecessor, the Michelin Protek Max, the City Street provides improved resistance to perforation of the crown and sidewall punctures, with increases of 98% and 73% respectively– according to Michelin.


Despite these enhancements, the company says the tire is also 31% lighter.

Magi-X technology, which is exclusive to Michelin, has been implemented to improve cornering grip and safety on wet roads, addressing the demands of riders in urban environments. Tests conducted at an independent laboratory have shown a 10% improvement in braking performance and a 22% increase in cornering grip on damp roads compared with the Protek Max.

Other features include a central, slick portion on the crown for longer life and v-shaped grooves on the outer edges for improved cornering grip, particularly on wet surfaces.

Available in three diameters and five widths, the Michelin City Street is suitable for electric and non-electric street bikes, including e-MTBs used for commuting.

Michelin reports that cyclists can expect enhanced safety, longer tire life and improved ride efficiency with the Michelin City Street.


Source: Tire Technology International

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