Maxam MS600 produced using EcoPoint3 compound

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13 June 2022

Maxam MS600 produced using EcoPoint3 compound

Specialty tire manufacturer Maxam Tire has unveiled the MS600 press-on solid, a high-performance tire aimed at vehicles within the material handling industry.

The tire series will feature the company’s new rubber compound technology, EcoPoint3, and will be manufactured using a fully automated strip winding process to ensure end products are of a high quality and deliver performance consistency. Produced in aggressive tread widths, the MS600 will be manufactured at Maxam’s brand new and state-of-the-art solid tire factory.

Featuring a 5° sidewall taper, the MS600 press-on solid benefits from one of the widest tread widths available to the industry, providing vehicles a high level of stability, grip and tire life. An extra-wide North American tread profile will also be available.

For maximum load distribution and stability during stop and go operations, the MS600 features a full tread profile for a larger footprint area. Produced using Maxam’s EcoPoint3 compound, the MS600 benefits from improved rolling, skid and wear resistance. This means the tire’s masterbatches contain less filler, higher ratios of stress at elongation and minimum proportions of impurities for a more consistent and leading-edge compound.

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