Lexus NX Overtrail features Dunlop Grandtrek AT5 as standard

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22 March 2024

The Dunlop Grandtrek AT5 tire has been selected as factory standard for the Lexus NX Overtrail, which launched in February.

The development of this luxury SUV is part of the Lexus Overtrail Project, which aims to foster a carbon-neutral society and cater to diverse outdoor lifestyles, with the interior and exterior of the Overtrail designed with off-road capability, stability and comfort in mind.


The Dunlop Grandtrek AT5 tires are engineered to deliver high-level performance both on and off the road. Their new compound and tread pattern, coupled with efficient drainage capabilities, enhance wet-driving performance, says Dunlop.


Rubber blocks on the tire’s sides have been designed to improve resistance to cuts, while stone ejectors guard against stone entrapment. These features have been designed to ensure strong traction on various terrains, contributing to the tire’s durability, and the block treads and aggressive sidewall design complement the aesthetics of the new Lexus NX Overtrail.


Source: Tire Technology International

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