Hankook sponsors Korean autonomous driving robot race

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10 April 2023

The Autonomous Driving Robot Race 2023 – Korea’s only autonomous driving robot racing competition – will be sponsored by Hankook Tire. During the competition, which is hosted by the Korean Society of Robotics, self-driving cars must navigate through real-world scenarios without any driver intervention and without the use of remote controls.

The autonomous vehicles must be capable of conducting lane changes, overtaking and dealing with contact from other vehicles. Each vehicle’s autonomous technology is based on an artificial intelligence system.

A total of 15 teams from 11 universities are taking part in the competition, which comprises three races and began on March 31. Hankook Tire is supplying the Ventus Z205, a tarmac racing tire that delivers excellent grip on both dry and wet roads.

The tire maker aims to develop and supply non-pneumatic and airless tires for the 30km/h class vehicles and top speed 100km/h class models that are co-produced with the Department of Mechanical System Design Engineering at Hongik University. Data will be collected during the competition’s duration to help Hankook enhance future tire performance.



Reference:Tire Technology

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