Goodyear launches next-gen tires for regional work vehicles

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6 March 2024

Goodyear has unveiled two additions to its RangeMax tire lineup: the RangeMax RSA ULT and the RangeMax RTD ULT. Designed for regional work vehicles, both tires are engineered to provide a balance of traction, range and mileage, regardless of the vehicle’s drivetrain, says Continental.

Available in two sizes with 19.5in wheel diameters, the RangeMax RSA ULT is an all-position tire specifically designed for electric drive vehicles. It features low rolling resistance and is built with IntelliMax technology to ensure longevity.


The RangeMax RSA ULT and RangeMax RTD ULT are part of Goodyear’s Electric Drive Ready commercial trucking tire portfolio, which includes the RangeMax RSD EV and the Endurance RSA ULT. These tires aim to address the demand for regional delivery vehicles while helping fleets achieve cost savings and sustainability goals.


According to Goodyear, the RangeMax RSA ULT has a 10% better rolling resistance than previous models, thanks to features including IntelliMax technology and a tread pattern for enhanced traction in various conditions.

The RangeMax RTD ULT, meanwhile, uses soybean oil technology in its tread compound for improved road grip while reducing petroleum usage. Both tires meet the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMS) traction rating for ensured performance in challenging weather conditions.

“As the unique range, durability and versatility needs of regional pickup and delivery fleets evolve, we’re constantly listening to our fleet partners to design superior tires for every application,” commented Rich Cottrell, senior director of commercial marketing at Goodyear North America.

“Our latest RangeMax tires combine low rolling resistance with enhanced features such as premium casings and long-lasting tread compounds to help increase vehicle uptime and protect fleets’ investment.”


Source: Tire Technology International

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