Dunlop introduces next-generation all-season tire

Dunlop has launched its latest generation of all-season tires, the Dunlop All Season 2. The series specifically targets the value segment of the all-season market, which is projected to grow between 2% and 3% annually over the next five years, according to Goodyear internal data.

The new tire series has been designed to accommodate a variety of vehicles, including popular city cars and SUVs. Supply began in February, with availability gradually expanding throughout 2024 across 59 SKUs ranging from 14in to 19in.


The All Season 2 tire underwent extensive research and development, totaling over 12,500 hours over an 18-month period, which included on-road and simulated tests.


Key design features include 3D blading, which is designed to provide enhance stiffness, with biting edges for improved snow traction and therefore effective braking in diverse weather conditions. The tire also features an optimized carcass shape  designed to increase stability and handling on wet and dry roads. The tire’s contact patch is also optimized to ensure uniform pressure distribution, resulting in longer-lasting treadwear.

Sonia Leneveu, director of marketing, consumer, Europe, Dunlop, said, “Dunlop is a powerful brand within the value segment of the market, so we are excited to unveil this next generation to the Dunlop range that marks a huge step forward in its all-season offering.

“With thousands of hours going into the development phase, the new tire is packed with cutting-edge technology. This makes it ideal for the millions of drivers across Europe who like to prepare for the full range of weather conditions throughout the year.”


Source: Tire Technology International


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