Continental acquires mold specialist for commercial vehicle and specialty tires

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15 April 2024

Continental has finalized the acquisition of EMT Púchov s.r.o., a mold manufacturing specialist based in Slovakia, which was integrated into Continental’s tire business on April 2, 2024.

Under the agreement, Continental acquired all shares of EMT from its shareholders, with Dynamic Design (Romania) being the majority shareholder. The acquisition ensures the continuity of EMT’s operations, with all 107 employees, and their specialized knowledge in mold manufacturing, transitioning to Continental.


Specific terms of the deal remain undisclosed.


EMT crafts specific tire molds, particularly for commercial vehicle and specialty tires, with a focus on steel milling. With EMT now under its wing, Continental completes its internal portfolio for mold making technologies, enabling independent production of tire molds for diverse applications.

This acquisition follows Continental’s previous moves, including the acquisition of German mold manufacturer A-Z Formen in 2015 and Czech mold specialist VFC in 1993, both catering to passenger car tires.

Tire molds play a crucial role in tire construction, facilitating the vulcanization process where raw rubber transforms into a durable, elastic rubber compound, shaping the tire for optimal performance and stability.

“With the acquisition of EMT, we can act completely independently in mold making if required,” said Dr. Bernhard Trilken, head of manufacturing and logistics at Continental Tires.

“We are excited about the technological reinforcement that the EMT team brings to the table. As a long-standing partner, the relationship with Continental is already close,” said Julia Sadrina, who is responsible for production of tire molds and machinery worldwide for Continental’s tire business.


Source: Tire Technology International

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