Apollo unveils all-season Vredestein Quatrac Pro EV for electric vehicles

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6 November 2022

Prior to the release of its Vredestein Quatrac Pro EV in December 2022, Apollo has outlined details of the dedicated all-season electric vehicle (EV) tire.

The tire, which will debut several new materials and design features, has been developed for electric and hybrid vehicle applications and aims to improve driving range while delivering excellent grip and traction in a wide range of weather scenarios.

During development, Apollo used computer simulations and real-world testing to ensure and confirm the new Vredestein Quatrac Pro EV’s reduced rolling resistance and lighter overall construction would deliver a high level of grip and also increase a vehicle’s range. Furthermore, the latest tire is said to make less environmental impact while producing less noise, ensuring occupants can have a more comfortable journey.

For the first time, the Vredestein Quatrac Pro EV features an optimized blend of fourth-generation polymers in addition to a smart silica in the tread. This ensures a higher level of grip on wet surfaces and contributes to the lower rolling resistance. Braking distances are also reduced.

The 3PMS-certified tire has been designed to be much lighter and is produced with thinner sidewalls, lower apex and a lighter belt material, reducing energy consumption when being used. Furthermore, the tire will feature some EV-specific design characteristics including longitudinal grooves with steeper flanks for resistance to higher cornering loads. The tire’s outside shoulder is also wider than the inner to prevent deformation and improve handling.

The tire will be manufactured at Apollo Tyres’ European production facilities located in Enschede, Netherlands, and Gyöngyöshalász in Hungary. The manufacturer has ensured that less CO2 is generated during production to contribute to a lower carbon impact over the tire’s service life.


Reference: TireTechnology

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