Apollo Tyres expands EnduRace RT2 portfolio

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11 July 2023

Apollo Tyres is expanding the EnduRace RT2 truck trailer tire range with the addition of a new 385/55 size suitable for application to 22.5in rim diameters. Produced in Europe, the tire has been designed by Apollo to deliver all-weather performance, rolling resistance, and improved mileage and durability for medium- and long-distance hauliers in the European region.

Apollo’s EnduRace RT2 features a tread pattern that has been engineered to deliver uniform wear and pressure distribution over the entire wide contact area. These attributes also help reduce rolling resistance and cost over the tire’s service life. Additionally, a reinforced casing and tread compound work in partnership to reduce abrasion and heat build-up, resulting in the EnduRace RT2 having a durability level that is 1.7 times better than the current European regulatory requirement.Drawing on the company’s experience of all-season tire development, the EnduRace RT2 has been engineered to provide grip in wet and wintery conditions and is also Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake certified, denoting its performance levels in all weather conditions.


Reference: Tire Technology

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