Goodyear displays 90% sustainable tire at CES 2023

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10 January 2023

CES 2023-the consumer electronics fair which has been called the world’s most influential tech event and the launch pad for breakthrough technologies- was held up in Las Vegas, Nevada, from January 5-8, 2023. At the event, the U.S. tire giant Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co unveiled a new tire made with a compound containing 90 percent sustainable materials, including bio-based carbon black, soybean oil, and pine tree resins.

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company unveils a demonstration tire comprised of 90% sustainable materials. This demonstration tire has passed all applicable regulatory testing as well as Goodyear’s internal testing

In total, the concept compound featured at the event uses 17 sustainable ingredients, as well as some unique production methods which also enable reduction of emissions throughout the process. The silica used in the Goodyear tire is sourced from rice husk waste, while ISCC-certified mass balance polymers are sourced from bio- and bio-circular feedstock. The Akron, Ohio-headquartered company said the steel cords contain highly recycled materials and are also produced using the electric arc furnace process, which is a cleaner and more efficient method of steel production than a blast furnace, which helps cut back on greenhouse gas emissions.

According to Goodyear, the new compound meets the requirements set forth by regulators, as well as the company’s own internal testing procedures. It also features lower rolling resistance.

The company said it was working with its suppliers to try and scale the tire for mass production. Goodyear has already set up a website for customers interested in the company’s other concept tire made from 70 percent sustainable materials, which is expected to start production sometime this year. By the end of this decade, the company is aiming at producing tires made from 100 percent sustainable materials.




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