The Hankook SmartLife Solutions concept demonstrates the advantages of a hot retread for fleet companies. All Hankook commercial vehicle tires are designed in such a way that they can be regrooved, and the high-quality carcass can be retreaded several times. These features enable fleet companies to realize economic benefits: 5-9mm of additional base rubber under the tread delivers up to 25% more mileage after regrooving. Hankook Alphatread hot retreads can deliver up to 100% of the mileage achieved with a new tire and equivalent performance, for around 60% of the cost. If the regrooving and retreading process is continued in line with the Hankook SmartLife Solutions concept, the service life of a new tire can be increased to 250%. In addition, around 70% of the raw materials used in new tires can be saved during retreading.