Schwalbe increases recycled content in Green Marathon tires

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4 March 2024

Schwalbe, a manufacturer of bike and wheelchair tires, says it has elevated the environmental friendliness of its Green Marathon tire by increasing the proportion of recycled and renewable materials from 70% to 80%.

This has been achieved by incorporating recycled nylon, known as Seawastex, sourced from discarded fishing nets, into the tire’s carcass, replacing petroleum-based nylon. The recycled fishing nets, collected from fisheries and the sea in Taiwan, are processed into raw material called caprolactam, which is then spun into new nylon yarn and woven into the carcass by Taiwanese manufacturer Formosa Taffeta.


In addition to recycled nylon, the Green Marathon tire incorporates other eco-materials, including recycled carbon black from recycling partner Pyrum Innovations; fair rubber sourced from certified tappers; silica from rice husk ash; recycled rubber; and bead core wire made from recycled steel.


Felix Jahn, head of the CSR department at Schwalbe, said, “The carcass makes up around 10% of the weight of the Green Marathon. This has enabled us to increase the proportion of recycled and renewable materials in the tire to 80% just six months after launching the Green Marathon.

“In this way, we are reducing our dependence on petroleum-based materials such as new nylon and also reducing CO2eq emissions. In the medium term, we will steadily increase the proportion of Seawastex in Schwalbe tires.”

Edward Lung, a sales representative at Formosa Taffeta, added, “We are delighted that Seawastex is being used in the manufacture of Schwalbe’s Green Marathon. It makes us proud to be part of this circular tire. Using Seawastex helps to conserve resources, preserve marine life and keep our oceans cleaner.”


Source: Tire Technology International

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