Pirelli and BMW launch P Zero winter tires for enhanced range in EVs

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11 June 2024

Pirelli and the BMW Group have introduced new 20in P Zero Winter 2 tires for the BMW 7 Series, designed to enhance range capabilities with an “A class” European labeling for rolling resistance. This collaboration aims to set a new standard for all-electric vehicle tires, providing drivers with extended range, comfort and high performance in winter conditions.

BMW develops tires specifically for its models, aiming to meet stringent quality and technology standards. These tires receive the BMW-specific star mark, guaranteeing optimal performance and safety. This approach aligns with Pirelli’s Perfect Fit strategy, which focuses on creating tires tailored to specific car models.

Winter tires generally impact a car’s range due to the higher rolling resistance caused by their compounds, and tread patterns designed for snowy and wet cold asphalt. Rolling resistance refers to the force required for rolling motion, directly affecting a vehicle’s range.

The new 20in Pirelli tires, developed for the all-electric BMW 7 Series, aim to compensate for these disadvantages, extending the range by up to 50km compared to standard winter tires. This improvement is due to advancements in tread pattern and compound technology.

The companies have incorporated renewable materials where appropriate and reduced the CO2 footprint of their manufacturing plants.

The new P Zero Winter 2 tires will be available for the BMW 7 Series starting in August 2024. BMW plans to extend this technology to other models, beginning with the new BMW X3 in the second half of 2024.


Source: Tire Technology International

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