Goodyear launches all-season Wrangler Steadfast HT

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11 December 2022

As part of an expansion of its Wrangler highway tire portfolio, the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company has released the Wrangler Steadfast HT, an all-season tire designed to provide a high level of performance and comfort for drivers.

The Wrangler Steadfast HT benefits from a long-lasting tread compound to extend the tire’s service life, in addition to wide, deep grooves to ensure vehicles fitted with the company’s latest product benefit from traction and control in wet scenarios.

Extra durability is provided by DuPont Kevlar which has been placed into the tire’s tread to offer protection against pothole damage and other road obstacles. The Wrangler Steadfast HT, with its balanced tread and sidewall design, also features a built-in wear gauge to enable drivers to measure tread depth easily.

The tire is currently available in 22 sizes to suit a wide range of SUVs, CUVs and pickups.

“When engineering the Wrangler Steadfast HT tire, we wanted to introduce a new level of premium to the highway tire category,” said Michiel Kramer, director of consumer product marketing, Goodyear. “Steadfast stands for ‘firm in purpose’ – and with an innovative tread and sidewall design that offers drivers a long-lasting and comfortable ride, along with enhanced wet traction and Kevlar durability – Wrangler Steadfast HT is built to handle whatever adventure comes their way.”

Reference: Tire Technology

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