Continental appoints Anne Windberg Baarup as head of sustainability for industrial business

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12 June 2024

Continental has appointed Anne Windberg Baarup as head of the sustainability department for its group sector ContiTech, effective June 1, 2024.

In this role, Baarup will oversee the strategic direction and global management of sustainability initiatives within the company’s industrial business. She reports directly to Claus Peter Spille, head of Operations at ContiTech.


Baarup brings eight years of experience at Continental, having held various roles in materials technology, human resources and organizational development. Her most recent position was head of material technology solutions for Continental’s tire business, where she focused on sustainable materials research and implementation.


“Anne Windberg Baarup will further develop our strategic priorities and activities in the area of sustainability and ensure their global implementation,” said Claus Peter Spille.

A key element of ContiTech’s sustainability strategy is replacing conventional materials with more sustainable alternatives, including bio-based and recycled materials. Philip Nelles, member of Continental’s Executive Board responsible for ContiTech, stated, “By 2030, 35% of all products for the industrial business will be made from sustainable materials.” The long-term goal is to manufacture all products from entirely sustainable materials by 2050.

ContiTech says it is already using sustainable and recycled materials in several products. For instance, the artificial leather skai VyP Coffee is made from recycled coffee grounds and used in breathable upholstery fabrics.  Sustainable natural rubber, bio-based oils, plasticizers and recycled steel bead wires are among the materials being integrated into ContiTech’s products.

“Anna’s experience and knowledge in the field of materials ensure that we will continue to develop sustainable material solutions for the various environmental challenges of our customers, industries and markets. For us as material experts, sustainability also means selecting the right materials, putting together recyclable material mixtures and ultimately manufacturing our products in an environmentally friendly way. In Anne Windberg Baarup, we have found exactly the right person for the job,” said Spille

In addition, Baarup will drive the further expansion of sustainable production facilities at ContiTech worldwide.


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