Bridgestone partners with Teledyne for lunar terrain vehicle tire development

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14 November 2022

An exclusive teaming agreement has been signed between Bridgestone and Teledyne Brown Engineering to provide lunar tires for the NASA Lunar Terrain Vehicle (LTV) program.

Bridgestone will join forces with the Teledyne’s team responsible for the design and construction of the LTV for NASA. The tire manufacturer will provide the moon-going vehicle with tires capable of operating on the moon’s harsh, rock-covered surface while being subjected to extreme temperature variations and cosmic ray radiation

To ensure function, safety and reliability, Bridgestone is currently developing and evaluating the use of metal airless tire concepts for the project. The LTV will be used to support crew mobility and research efforts.

The international partnership consists of Teledyne, Nissan North America, Sierra Space, Textron and Bridgestone, and shows a strong commitment to NASA and its efforts to explore previously unexplored areas of the moon’s surface.

“This partnership helps further solidify the strength of our team and the durable vehicle that will be a product of its collaboration,” commented Scott Hall, president, Teledyne’s Engineered Systems Segment. “The experience and reputation of Bridgestone is unparalleled and a tremendous asset for our vehicle in its journey to and on the moon’s surface.”

“This project is a bold new challenge for humanity, and we are honored to be joining the Teledyne Team,” said Makoto Ishiyama, executive director, next generation technology development, Bridgestone. “This project will help us fulfill the “Extension: Committed to nonstop mobility and innovation that keeps people and the world moving ahead” stated in our corporate commitment, the Bridgestone E8 Commitment. Through co-creation with new partners, the Bridgestone Group is dedicated to realizing the dream of humankind with mobility innovation.”


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